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Mylocal3DPrinting is proud to introduce itself as an organization that helps common people gain easy access to world class 3D printing and designing services at a crowdsourced price.

Our service connects individual designers and their prospective buyers with competitive 3D printing services creating a win –win situation for all. Unlike other web-based 3D printing services, we have incorporated the concept of crowdsourced designing and printing with a unique online platform that allows buyers to visualize the product throughout the design process. Our objective is to help you get the best design and price for your custom made 3D printed products by connecting you to one central market place.

Also known as additive manufacturing (AM), 3D printing refers to the creation of three dimensional objects of any shape from electronic data sources or 3D models. Objects can be created from a number of different materials including plastic, stainless steel or even precious metals. At present, 3D printing has a wide range of applications in specialized manufacturing, rapid prototyping, data visualization, and product development. Over the years, crowdsourcing has proven to be a great idea to get 3D printing projects off the ground. Crowdsourcing solicits ideas from an online community, looking for the best content, ideas, and services. This not only lowers the cost of 3D printing, but also creates an efficient platform for collaborative manufacturing.

Mylocal3DPrinting has something for everyone. If you are someone looking to try out your designing skill, we will provide you all that you ever needed to bring your ideas to life. On the other hand, our service can be a lifesaver for the companies looking to create a specific design for the prototype of their upcoming product. We can even help you wow your wife in your next anniversary by designing custom made jewelry that is just perfect for her. As a designer, you are 100% safe while working with us because designers are always rewarded for the work they have completed successfully. Buyers are also well protected at Mylocal3DPrinting with a money back guarantee.

Our online visualization platform helps buyers track the progress of their project and find out the estimated printing price. Printing through our network is cheaper, faster and helps users build strong working relationships with suppliers. With us, you will always have a huge range of printing materials to choose from. Our printing quality conforms to the best in the industry, and our established printers have successfully printed parts for the aviation industry as well as medical practices. We are also blessed to have some highly acclaimed designers from different parts of the world.

You can benefit from our service regardless of which country you are located in because we offer a worldwide delivery service. In order to ensure lowest possible pricing, we have partnered with the most competitive shipping companies.

3D printing and designing is certainly no rocket science with many websites offering these services nowadays. However, Mylocal3DPrinting stands out from the crowd because we can help you get everything done under the same roof. Our comprehensive service facility makes us the only company bringing crowdsourced designs and manufacturing to your fingertips, no matter what your requirements are.

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