11 December 2015 by Yani Lea Briones

World’s First 3d Printed Supercar Named The Blade


There is no doubt that 3d printing technology’s potential is booming not only in the Architecture and Construction but also in the Manufacturing industry. 3d Printing technology reinvents the processes of manufacturing automobile parts. The recently released 3d printed supercar named The Blade is a living proof of this.

Kevin Czinger, the CEO of Divergent was the man behind in creating The Blade. The chassis was made up of 3d printed aluminum nodes and carbon fiber connectors.

As what its name says, this 3d printed supercar has an impressive acceleration of 0-60 m.p.h in 2.2 seconds. Because it is printed from aluminum, it dramatically reduces its overall weight by 90%.

It now only weighs 1,400 lbs and has a whopping 700-horsepower bi-fuel internal 3d printed car engine that is capable of switching between gasoline or compressed natural gas as fuel.

3d printed supercar

The technology behind this 3d printed supercar is incredible. It offers a flexible process of designing the car using a software, instead of the expensive hard metal tooling.

It is now possible to manufacture a car that is less expensive by 1/5 of its capital cost. It reduces material, waste and energy inputs.

3d printed supercar

The initial plan of Divergent Microfactories it to scale up to 10,000 annual productions of blade 3d printed car. Aside from selling these 3d printed race car, DM will also sell the tools and technology to the small technopreneurs.

This is to help them build them establish their own Microfactories and build supercars, based on their own customize designs. Everyone can now print their supercar whether it’s a sedan, pickup truck, etc.

In an interview, Kevin was asked why he chose to build a supercar instead of other stunning structural masterpiece to showcase the technology.

Well, for a couple of reasons.

One is that I wanted to build a car I wanted to drive.

Number two, I think that building a 3d printed supercar that can withstand extreme forces and performance.

Lastly, to create a cool-looking, incredible thing that can stirs up our interest and animal spirit.

Furthermore, Kevin was ecstatic that the release of 3d printed supercar received a great positive feedback from the public.


He even said that two different two tourist buses have stopped by to see the car. Everything he ever hoped for has been paying off.

Lastly, when asked what advice he could give to the aspiring entrepreneurs, there’s only one thing he said:

3d printed supercar

“It’s simple; I move my feet. The moment I know I need to do something, I take a step forward and keep going. If you keep getting up and keep going, you’re going to make something happen.

Move your feet, man.”


How about you? What are your thoughts about Kevin’s inspiring story? Are you now inspired to create your awesome design and have it printed?

Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment’s section below. We can’t wait to see you share your design and have it printed for the world to see.

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