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The Medical Industry’s Future is Skyrocketing with 3d Printing Organs

The Medical Industry’s Future is Skyrocketing with 3d Printing Organs

It is no doubt that the medical industry are venturing into the 3d printing technology to solve medical conditions and improve our health. The successful operations with 3d printing organs and prosthetics proved to save many patient’s lives and improve their well-being.

Following the technological success of producing 3d printing organs and prosthetics, the medical industry has yet to develop another technological breakthrough that will let them study and master another complicated, medical procedure– the 3d Printing of Human Hearts.

The Medical Industrys Future is Skyrocketing with 3d Printing Organs

Medical operations involving the human heart is a crucial and complicated procedure that requires expertise of highly trained surgeons. One small mistake and it could end a person’s life. The Medical Industry wanted to overcome this challenge in heart operations. Thankfully, the researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an MRI scan to scan human heart and have it 3d printed realistically. The physicians are able to print out a model of a patient’s heart through the MRI scan. As the blueprint was captured, the doctor can now determine the boundaries and cross-sections of each part of the organ and have it produced into a physical, 3d printable model.

3d printed hearts2

This will give a vast opportunity for the heart surgeons to study and physically manifest the 3d printed heart and strategize surgical plans to increase the operation’s success rate. This is also a great opportunity to improve our surgeons skills as they practice inside this realistic environment before they perform an actual surgery.

Do you think this 3d printed hearts will be able to improve our surgical outcome? Have you considered designing a 3d printed organ to help our medical patients? If you have any idea but don’t know how to design it,  You can post your concept design now and hire your 3d designer and have it printed through our Show Viewer room.

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