09 November 2015 by Bobby Lin

3d Printed Musical Notes for Visually Impaired- Reading Music the Innovative Way

3d Printed Musical Notes for Visually Impaired – Reading Music the Innovative Way.

It’s always gratifying whenever we heard remarkable stories about how the innovative 3d printing technology is being utilized to help people’s life improve and so our environment. Today, we are bound to hear another story of how 3d printing is changing our lives. A South Korean university professor Yeaji Kim, developed the first ever 3d printed musical notes to help visually impaired to help them learn and enjoy music like normal people do.

Reading Music the Innovative Way- 3d Printed Musical Notes for Visually Impaired

The students need to raise the sheets and physically touch them to learn the music notes of a particular music piece. For the students, physically touching and identifying the music notes is much easier than studying the complex Braille system.

This innovative 3d Printed musical notes allows better communication between the music teachers and students, and faster learning on music too.  A Selective Laser Sintering 3d Printer was used to produce the musical notes. This machine allows printing of multiple layers by melting certain portions of a power and sintering and attaching them to depict a musical score.

3d printing music

Professor Jessia Johnson of Piano and Pedagogy said

This system is incredibly innovative. The potential impact on the way music is studied [and] learned as well as the way that it will allow more people access to diverse types of music is very exciting.”

“The main advantage of this process is the resolution you can get,” explained William Aquite, a research associate in the department of mechanical engineering. “The resolution you can achieve is one-four-thousandth of an inch so it is very high accuracy.”

3d printing music

For the meantime, there is still no software or programming existed to translate our musical scores and sheets into 3d printed musical notation, but we’re hoping that this recent development in music education will serve as a key in improving our music education through 3d Printing.

Do you have an incredible design of musical sheets and notes? You can upload your 3d file to our 3d Image viewer and have it printed via our 3d printing services.   

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