3D printing FAQ

1. What is Mylocal3DPrinting?

Mylocal3DPrinting is a site where you can get almost anything you want custom made by your choice of designer and your choice of material at an extremely affordable. We are a cloud based 3D Design and 3D Printing service that provide easy to use tools to achieve

2. How does it work?

It's very easy

For people who want something custom made and don't know how to design - there are 3 easy steps. Write out what you want, choose a designer to make it for you, and when the design is made and finished by the designer, click print.

Mylocal3DPrinting has made this process very safe and easy for all users. For projects of any size users and designers have the option of creating milestones which are designed to reduce the deposit amount made by the user at the same time reducing the workload of the designer while working towards completing the entire project in a more effective manner with less risk for both parties.

For more information on how to create a project.

For more infomation on how milestones work

3. How much does it cost?

If you want something made it's free to post your ideas and requests on our site and search for talented freelancers to make the designs for you. When you post your project, you can choose to set a budget that you wish to spend for your project to be made by the designer. After choosing your desired designer, you will need to deposit money towards your Escrow account which is safely yours on Mylocal3DPrinting and you decide when to make the release of the payment to the designer which is usally after they've achieved the work.

If you're a designer, it's free to bid for your favourite project.

Mylocal3DPrinting charges a small fee for all projects with transaction occurring.

For more information on our Fees and Schedule.

4. What do I need 3D Printing for?

Ever wanted a pair of custom made sun glasses that's a perfect fit? What about have something you drew be transformed into an object you can touch. And instead of choosing a wedding ring why not get one custom made, one that's 3D Printed?

Rather than think, 'Why do I need 3D Printing?', you should ask, 'What do I want custom made?'. Society has taught us that asking this question usually leads to difficult to find answers and most of the time, the price tag that comes with something that is custom made is extremely high. Well we have good news for you. Mylocal3DPrinting is making it affordable for you.

3D Printing has existed since the early 1980s and gained popularity in the past decade. Now it is used in the Aeronautical industry, medical industry, wedding industry, in the home and much more. 3D Printing has not just become more affordable, but the process of design has become more affordable as well thanks to websites like Mylocal3DPrinting. We offer a world wide community of skilled industrial designers, 3D modellers, Transportation designers, interior designers, and more, to produce exactly what you need all from the convinience of your internet connected device.

5. I don't know anything about 3D design, can I still use Mylocal3DPrinting?

Yes, definitely! Mylocal3DPrinting is created with the non 3D skilled user in mind. Our platform allows users to source and interact with skilled 3D designers from around the world. Once the model is designed by the 3D Designer, the user can use our 3D viewer to see the model, check for errors and choose a material to print with, and then the custom made project will be sent to your doorstep.

6. What kind of materials can you 3D Print?

We currenctly have 60 materials to choose from and we are constantly adding more to our portfolio. Our materials range from metal materials used in the aerospace space to complex polymer materials used in the medical industry to plastic and ceramic materials found in general home products.

More information on our range of materials.

7. Can you deliver to my location?

Most likely. We work with shipping companies who deliver all over the world. To see where we deliver to and what our shipping rates are please visit the shipping information page

8. Do you give refunds?

In the case where you have deposited money for a design to be made and if the money is not released by you due to ending a contract or no work was done by the designer, the money will stay as a credit on your Mylocal3DPrinting account. You can either use the credit towards either making a 3D Print or your next project. You can also request for a refund and we will make payment into your credit card.

In the case you have purchased a 3D Print from us, we will refund all printed products that have manufacturing defaults.

To read more about refunds please see our Terms and Conditions.

9. What if I have a disagreement with a designer?

We encourage all users to communicate with their designer regarding any disagreements and see if you are able to find a common ground to resolve the issue by yourselves first. If the issue stays unresolved then we would advise you to raise a dispute which we will look at on a project by project basis.

10. I am a designer, how do I become a freelancer on Mylocal3DPrinting?

Mylocal3DPrinting is a community for all freelance 3D designers to join and it's free. As long as you're able to 3d model, it means you're able to make something for the client which means you're able to earn money through our platform, and you can do so with the software of your choice.

Browser through our list of open and in progress projects and you will see they are categorized for different areas of design. Find one that you're interested it, apply to it by placing your bid for what you want to get paid, and if you get picked, you can start work on it straight away.

11. How can I become an investor?

If you're interested in investing, please contact us at invest@mylocal3dprinting.com

12. Are you hiring?

We're always on the hunt for talented and passionate individuals. Please forward inquiries to careers@mylocal3dprinting.com.