3D Printing Materials

Titanium is the lightest, yet strongest 3d printing material in the world.
Aluminium AlSi10Mg
Aluminum’s dynamic properties is good for casting parts with thin walls and complex geometry 3d models.
If you are new and a first timer in 3d printing, this material is the easiest to print with. PLA is very environment-friendly and very safe to work with.
If you want your 3d model to have a strong, tough texture with the highest level of dimensional accuracy, then this material is the appropriate one for your model.
Metallic Plastic (Alumide)
Alumide is a polyamide-like material with a distinctive look. The surface of an alumide has a sandy, granular look and is slightly porous.
Strong and flexible plastic (Flame Retardant)
PA 2210 FR is the perfect material to manufacture flame resistant parts with high mechanical properties
Super Strong and Flexible Plastic
This material is best preferred in printing 3d models with excellent stiffness with a combination of good elongation at break.
VisiJet Clear
This material is preferred for engineered plastic performance ideal for functional testing and rapid tool applications.
Full Color
PrimeCast 101
PrimeCast 101 material is best suited for investment casting due to its excellent dimensional accuracy and its low melting point.
If you want your 3d models to look like wood or cardboard, this is the perfect material to use on.
Rubber-like (Tango family)
Rubber-like material offers a wide variety of finished products, from soft grip handles to hard, footwear ones. This is perfect if you are printing 3d material crafts that requires flexibility.
VisiJet M3 Crystal
This material is preferred for engineered plastic performance ideal for functional testing and rapid tool applications.
Somos 14120
Somos is widely used in solid imaging processes like stereolithography, in building three dimensional parts of your 3d model.
CarbonMide material is the best option if you are printing fully functional prototype for wind tunnel tests and aerodynamic applications.
PrimePart DC is the best material for optimizing usage such as laser-sintering material.
High Flexible Plastic
VisiJet Flex-Similar ABS has a polypropylene-like look and feel with is high flexibility and shape retention.
Super High Temperature Plastic (Peek HP3)
PEEK has an excellent chemical resistance to almost all kinds of chemicals except corrosive acids. Its light weight and flame resistance features made PEEK a popular replacement for metal.
High Performance Clear Plastic
Strong Flexible Plastic
Polyamide is a strong and flexible material for your 3d models providing a high detail of bending your 3d model.
High Detail Resin
Models under this material are constructed from a photo polymeric liquid.
Paintable Resin
Paintable resin gives a beautifully painted, flawless, finished product of your 3d model that is water resistant.
Transparent Resin
If you wanted your 3d model to have a see-through texture and see the fine details of your model on the inside, Transparent Resin is the appropriate material for you.
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is the cheapest form of metal printing, although it is very strong and suitable for printing very large objects.
Sterling Silver is the best 3d material to use for jewelry purposes and it is safe to wear on your skin.
Your 3d model or jewelry may be printed out of 14k or 18k solid gold. It’s solid gold is mixed with an alloy to harden the material for longer wear.
Smooth Gray
Prime Gray is suitable for A-side visual models that has a very smooth surface with a luxurious touch.
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is mainly used for producing musical instruments because of its acoustic properties and ductility.
Bronze is an alloy that consists primarily of copper. Bronze is an affordable material for printing models in metal
Ceramics is ideal for home decor products, tableware, statues and figurines.
HD Stainless Steel
HD Stainless Steel delivers a significant level of detail and strength to your model, making it suitable for board game pieces, miniatures, key chains, jewelry bolts and much more.